Tarpon Combo – A Tarpon Fishing Odyssey Around Costa Rica


Experience Tarpon Diversity Around Costa Rica

Costa Rica has long been celebrated as a legendary tarpon destination. One such heralded trophy tarpon hunting ground is the Rio Colorado on the northern Caribbean coast. At key times of the year huge schools of adult tarpon congregate in various river mouths like the Colorado, where they engage in mass feeding and migratory behavior. This river in particular is world famous for incredible numbers of tarpon, and while new tarpon destinations in Cuba and Nicaragua have gained notable reputations in recent decades the fishing around the Rio Colorado and several other rivers in close proximity has remained some of the best for adult tarpon. 

But the enigma of tarpon is their oftentimes-mysterious habits, and newly emerging inland river destinations like the Jungle Tarpon Reserve have followed tarpon migrations to intimate settings many hundreds of miles from the sea. The Jungle Tarpon Reserve is a vast system of freshwater rivers, creeks, and flooded lagoons surrounded by verdant rainforest and swampland. At the time of the tarpon migration’s arrival (August-December), seasonal rains flood the immense lagoons to create an inland sea surrounded by volcanoes and rife with other primeval creatures like tropical garfish, sawfish, and freshwater bull sharks. This collection of archaic predators explosively feed on the many species of baitfish flushed into the lagoons by the heavy annual deluge, much to the delight of adventurous anglers. From their time in the tannin-stained freshwater the tarpon have lost their silvery hue and are very dark in color. Battling these beasts confined by the river’s lush banks is at once an explosive and awe inspiring experience. 

Coupling iconic ocean tarpon destinations like the Rio Colorado with unique new inland river destinations like the Jungle Tarpon Reserve, this Saturday-Sunday combination tour offers anglers a chance to experience all of Costa Rica’s tarpon diversity in one action-packed weeklong (Saturday to Sunday) trip.

Season August – October



Arrival in San Jose, Costa Rica (SJO). Lodging in San Jose for 1 night.

Day 2 – SUNDAY

Early morning transfer to airport. Domestic flight to Caribbean coast. Fishing the Rio Colorado and Rio Tortuguero that same day.


Full days fishing the Rio Colorado and Rio Tortuguero.


Early morning private aquatic and terrestrial transfer to the Jungle Tarpon Reserve. Afternoon fishing at the Jungle Tarpon Reserve.


Full days fishing the Jungle Tarpon Reserve.

Day 8 – Saturday

1/2 day fishing the Jungle Tarpon Reserve. Private transfer to San Jose.

Day 9 – SUNDAY

Departure from Costa Rica (SJO).